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At Siena Solutions our "Customer First" philosophy ensures that our clients are very involved with the development of their Web Site. We work hard to develop a lasting relationship with every client. The client also has the ability to view the development of their Web Site online, thus ensuring that the design and development meet their expectations. We can create an effective Internet presence for your company for as little as $1000. Please check out our portfolio of customers...we can provide brochure type websites, E-commerce or any type of advanced web programming

Browsers tend to interpret HTML tags differently resulting in skewed or misaligned columns in one browser versus another. NetMechanic® is the leading online provider for Web Site testing tools. For the last 3 years, we have worked closely with NetMechanic® to utilize their tools for all of our client Web Sites and to help their clients with Web Site design and marketing. After the initial Web development is completed we run the entire site through the NetMechanic® HTML Toolbox and Browser Photo online tools to verify that your HTML code is streamlined for fast loading and rendering. Search engine ranking is highly competitive and slow to load sites find themselves way at the bottom of the list. 

  • HTML Check and Repair - Bad tag usage, html code syntax errors, and spelling typos can make it difficult for browsers to process your HTML and visitors to read your site.

  • Link Check - Over 5% of links on the Web are broken! We validate all internal and external links.

  • Browser Compatibility - If your HTML is not supported by certain browsers, users of those browsers will have difficulty viewing your site.

  • Load time Check - Correct any HTML problems (e.g. number of server connections, graphics, etc.) that can delay page loading.

  • Spell Check - Automated tool will check the text on your pages for spelling errors.

On-demand Maintenance:
Siena Solutions provides maintenance services to our clients on an as needed basis. At your request, we will make any and all text and graphical updates on an hourly rate.

Regular/Scheduled Web Site Maintenance:
Siena Solutions can establish a regular monthly or quarterly maintenance schedule that can include any type of updates to the web site.  This maintenance schedule will be tailored to your specific needs; and is performed at a reduced hourly rate.